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Who's Who: Governors

The Governing Body is like a Board of Directors for the school, and helps to decide how the school should be run. The Governing Body meets twice a term, but individual Governors also attend school at other times. Our Governing Body is made up of parents, staff at the school, local council representatives, community representatives, and businessmen and women. The Governors are responsible for raising standards at the school by setting the strategy of the school, ensuring the Headteacher delivers this strategy, and by managing the budget. Governors usually serve for four years. The Governors are always interested to hear from people who are considering becoming Governors, or have skills to offer, or just want to talk about an aspect of school life; please contact the office to make an appointment.



I'm Melanie Collins and I work for UK Research and Innovation as the Head of the Fund for International Collaboration. I've been a Governor at St Paul's since November 2016. I have two young boys who are both at St Paul's, and my husband is a teacher in another local secondary school.

I am Chair of Governors, and I am link governor for the first objective in our School Development Plan (improving the effectiveness of leadership and management).

When I first looked around St Paul's, I was really struck by the value that the school placed on the children's emotional wellbeing. Mr Upton said to me that he viewed negative behaviour as an unmet need, and that meeting that need will lead to an improvement in behaviour. I really wanted to be able to do something to ensure those values were maintained and clearly echoed through everything that the school did, and I love how being a Governor enables me to bring my skills and experience from the non-teaching world to help the school to ensure its strategy echoes its values. I've also gained a far deeper understanding of how primary education works and have found that the skills I have picked up as a Governor have had a positive impact on my career development.

I'm Neil Rushowski White - I have one child at St Paul's, and two children who have departed for secondary school.

I'm a parent governor, and this year I have a specific focus on the data that the school uses. This covers both the internal data used to guide teaching to the children's needs, and the external data upon which we are assessed.

It's great to be able to contribute back to the school and the wider community. Being a governor also brings me into contact with St Paul's staff who I would otherwise never meet, and seeing their focus and dedication is inspiring. Visiting St Paul's during the day - when it's fulfilling its primary purpose of teaching our children - never fails to leave me energised, and slightly in awe of the staff!

My name is Lisa Wilkins, I am one of the Year 1 teachers and the staff representative for the governing body. I was staff governor for too many years to count before taking a break when I had my second child, but now I'm back. Being the voice of the whole staff  is a real privilege and  I enjoy representing the strong team that we have here in school. Being a governor also gives me an insight into the strategic side of school management and I enjoy learning  about how things operate beyond the classroom. 
I’m Amanda Webb, a Strategic Account Director at Juniper a comprehensive education support service, established to help schools and academies go from strength-to-strength. I have worked in the education sector for more than 16 years, so understand the enormous challenges education faces today.  I am passionate about creating a better future for children and I believe it starts with working together to make a difference. 

I became a co-opted governor in April 2020 and I’m really excited about being responsible for the third objective in our School Development Plan (using engaging playtimes, Forest School and outdoor learning opportunities as an integral part of the curriculum offer for all pupils at St Paul’s).

I’m new to a governor role, so there is a lot to learn and I’m really excited about getting to know everyone in school, children, and staff.  I believe my skills and experience will complement the Governing Body so together we can make an impact. 

I’m also mum to a beautiful 17-year-old daughter and 4 year old boxer dog, both of whom keep me on my toes! 


My name is Sarah Weld. I joined the Governing Body as a co-opted governor in 2020 and so am very new to the governor role. I have recently taken on the role of  Pupil Premium Governor which means it is my role to work with the school and other governors to ensure that the Pupil Premium the school receives is spent in the best possible way to support children who are eligible for it and improve outcomes for all disadvantaged pupils.


I work as a Consultant in Public Health for a Local Authority Public Health team as well as being a parent of two children who are both at St Paul's Primary School. As a new governor I have a lot to learn about the role and how primary education works. I am really enjoying getting to know and understand the school and the staff, the children and their families and seeing how my skills and experience can support the school. I am passionate about children’s education, health and wellbeing and finding ways of working together to ensure that all children have the best start in life. When I looked around St Paul's Primary School with my daughter it was clear to me that Mr Upton and the other teachers and staff in the school have the same passion and I am really proud to be a governor at St Paul’s Primary School.