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How to apply to send your child to St. Paul's Primary School

We are delighted you have reached this page and hope you have decided St. Paul's is the right place for your child.

The process of applying for a school place can be daunting, but this guide should help you through it.


Joining in Reception

The most important things to bear in mind are that you need to apply via Wiltshire Council and the deadline for applications is always 15th January. Applications can be made anytime from 1st September.

If you have any questions about the school which haven't been answered via this website, or a visit to the school, then please contact the Headteacher via the school office on 01249 653041, or by emailing


To apply visit: - this is the main page for information.


This is the  link for applying for a place.


Joining during the school year or in later years


If your child already attends a different school and you are looking to move your child to St. Paul's, you can apply at any point.

To apply visit: - this is the main page for information.

Follow the link on that page for In-Year Transfer applications. This will guide  you through the process.