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Our Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Foundation Stage - it is a fantastic place to learn!  We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing Foundation Stage soon. Reception is referred to as the Foundation Stage of Learning (FS2). This stage is the second year of Foundation Stage after non-compulsory nursery/pre-school. It has a curriculum based on seven areas of learning - each area clearly states what we can expect most children to achieve by the time they are entering Year 1. There are 3 prime areas fundamental to early development and they provide support for the other 4 areas (called specific areas.)

The Reception Year is an important stage, as it is during this time that attitudes to learning are formed and social skills are developed, which lay the foundations for future education.  Since 2012 the Foundation Stage Curriculum has also included ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. These are closely linked to the areas of the curriculum and are welcomed by St. Pauls School, as they encourage children to develop positive learning attitudes early on. It also allows teachers to consider how each child learns best and therefore plan for their uniqueness.

We believe that young children learn most effectively through structured play. The staff in Foundation Stage work hard to plan for the children’s learning within the seven areas to ensure each is covered within an interesting, stimulating and supportive framework. They also ensure that children progressively develop their skills and knowledge throughout this phase of their school life. The children are taught directly with focused activities and also have a choice of planned ‘learning through play’ activities to develop characteristics of effective learning. As children progress through the Foundation Stage the level of focus activities and whole class teaching gradually increases although learning through play still remains central.

At St Paul's, children within the Foundation Stage are offered a variety of play provision both inside and outside including sand, water, construction, play dough, painting, role play, book corner, reading/writing areas, instruments, climbing equipment, a pond, planting and discovery.  We are very lucky to have such a large, well-resourced outdoor learning environment especially for our Foundation Stage children.  We spend as much time learning outside as possible.