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Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Writing for week beginning March 1st

This week our writing is linked the same website as last week:


You need to watch each video and complete each task as set out on our weekly timetable.

On Wednesday, there is an activity for you if you are struggling with the apostrophe work. 

Writing for week commencing 22nd February


For the next two weeks we will be following a series of lessons based on the journey of a robin. 

 All the work needed to be done is explained through the various videos which are listed on our weekly timetable. 

You will need to follow this link:


Monday -     Lesson 1 - analyse a film clip and order a story

Tuesday -    Lesson 2 and 7 - investigate, practise and apply suffixes -ate and -en

Wednesday - Lesson 3 - explore complex sentences

Thursday -   Lesson 4 - generate vocabulary

Friday -      Lesson 5 - generate a rich understanding of words associated with the countryside.


Persuasive Techniques 11th January

Information for the persuasive leaflet for Tuesday - Friday