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Priestley Y6 Mrs Ward/Mrs Gingell

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are excited about the end of term and starting your holidays.  Please remember to keep safe and healthy and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you pop in next year.  Well done this year, you have coped with many tricky situations and learned many lessons.  Have a good holiday and thank you for being amazing. You are a credit to our school and your family!

Best wishes Mrs Ward smileyyes

Whoops - the forgotten poem!

July 6th 

Welcome  back to all you who are coming into the Year 6 bubble this week.  It will be so lovely to have you back.  Those of you still at home I hope that you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the learning.  I hope to see you all on the last day of term and if you have any questions, just email me.  I will be sending a letter out this week explaining how it is all going to work.  See you soon Mrs Ward yessmileyenlightened

Answers to the Maths from last week.



Hello Priestley,

Thank you for all of your messages, it is so nice to hear from you and see some of you with such lovely cakes!!!

I hope that you have a good week.  Let me know how you are doing.

Best wishes from Mrs Ward yes  (Did you notice that I found the emojis this week!?)

Hi Year 6!

I hope that you are all well and that you are looking forward to a week of better weather!

This week there are a number of different options so make sure you read the grid carefully.  Any problems give me a shout or email me with your questions. With the maths this week there is a video linked to the Maths if you need it on the White Rose website so if you are struggling have a look at it.  I hope you enjoy the learning for this week. 

Keep safe.

Best wishes Mrs Ward

Hi everyone!  I hope that you are all well and working hard!

Have a great week and hope to speak to you soon.

Mrs Ward

Hi everyone!

Week 2 - well done with your graffiti art there are some excellent examples which I will try to put on the website this week.  Have a good week and let me know how you are doing with all your work.  Tuesday was meant to be Sports Day so make sure you have a think about which was your favourite race and have a go at your own Sports Day.


Good Morning everyone!

Welcome back to the Summer Term! I have written a letter to you all and I hope that it makes sense and gives you a little idea of what to expect this term. 

Best wishes Mrs Ward

Hello everyone!  Week 7

It has been lovely to catch up with so many of you this week and thank you for all your lovely work that you have been sending in.  Have a good week and hopefully see you all soon.smiley

Best wishes Mrs Ward

Week 6!  Week beginning 11th May.

Hi everyone, I hope that you have had a good weekend.  This week would have been SATs week!  Thank goodness we are not doing them.  So have a good week and make sure you look at the grid.  Let me have any brilliant work and I will start putting it up on the website.  You are all doing brilliantly so keep going and it will soon be half term. Best wishes Mrs Ward. 

Maths Answer Booklet

Week 5!


Hello everyone,

I hope that you have had a great weekend despite the weather.  We have just managed to dodge the showers and enjoy the sunshine.  By now all of those of you going to Hardenhuish should have heard from your school.  Sheldon people should hear in the next few weeks.  Please let me know if you have not heard from your secondary school within the next few weeks.  The schools are starting to send out the transition booklets.  For the next few weeks we will focus on the Maths.  I have an answer booklet if you need it emailed.  Please let me know if you would like one.  There are two pages to the grid this week so please make sure you have read it all.  Have fun and I hope to catch up with you in the next few days.  


Best wishes Mrs Ward. 

Hi everyone,

I think it is grid 4!  Well done with all your work, it has been amazing.  Just be aware that your transition books will arrive in your emails this week so some of your work from now on will be completing those.  We will start those next week.

Have a good week and enjoy the new topic!

A Letter to you all and Easter Activities - Have a good Easter!

Week 2 School Closure


Hello everyone,

I hope that you all had a good weekend and that you are ready for week 2!

I have uploaded your second grid so have a good read of what is expected and then let me know if you have any problems.

Keep going and enjoy the change!

Mrs Ward

Arithmetic tests - try to do one a day or even half a one.


Hi everyone,

Today was your first homeschool day and I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine.  I will add another grid within the next few days but some of you have asked for some Maths.  I have attached the Can Do Maths and you need to pick an activity with your parents each day.  There are some answers at the end for your parents to mark your work, any problems give me a shout.  Remember to follow the instructions as it will lead you through the unit.

Good luck and enjoy the challenge!


For Literacy, I want you to spend some time watching Alma again on You Tube.  

We are going to have a go at writing our own story based on this story.  During this week, I want you to think about planning the story.  Talk it through with your Mum or Dad.  Think about the following:

How will you build the tension - remember to use the weather, don't tell the reader too much (use shadows and blurred windows) and keep giving hints but don't give it away.  

Remember to write down any similes or metaphors down that you want to use.  

How will you turn the story from being happy and jolly to dark, claustrophobic and menacing.  

What great vocabulary will you use?


Your plan could be in a comic strip (yes Aneira I did say a comic strip plan) but then you have to write it!  Or it could be a story board or it can just be seven or eight bullet points.  Think carefully and we will try and put the best ones up on the website. Yahoo!

Don't try to write it this week we will have a go at that next week.Mrs Ward

Welcome back to Term 3!

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a very happy and healthy 2020!

Term 3 is full steam ahead and before we know it half term will be here.  I look forward to meeting you all on Tuesday 7th to talk about the coming months and how you can support your child as we head towards SATS.  

Meeting on 7th January

Thank you all for your fantastic turnout today.  Here is the powerpoint for your information.  I have also attached some documents at the bottom of the page for you to refer to.  The document on SPAG is very informative if you are unsure about definitions.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.  Many thanks again for coming.  Kind regards Mrs Ward

Powerpoint linked to the SATs meeting

Knowledge Organiser for Making African Instruments

Welcome to Term 2!


Osmington proved to be amazing and sooo much fun.  Thank you to you all for getting your child so well prepared.  There is a presentation on Tuesday 26th at 5.00pm to present all our lovely photos and memories of the week.  Please come!

I have attached all the spellings for the term.  Please help your child to learn them.  Thank you.  Mrs Ward




I look forward to meeting you all on Thursday when we will go through all the expectations for Year 6 and what we have planned this year.  


Please do keep the communication channels open and pop your head around the door if you have any queries or want to know what your child has been up to.  In addition, if you have any concerns please come and see me before anything major develops.


Kind regards 

Mrs Ward