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Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


Dear Priestley,

This will be our last week online until we see you on 8th.  Much as we have loved seeing you on your screens, we are really looking forward to seeing you properly in the classroom.  

This week we are following Tom in our story through Europe.  We hope that you enjoy your research on Europe.  


This week's writing is all linked to the video and it is important that you remember to bring it with you next week as we will be building on this work when you come back.  


I am going to put up some of your lovely work on the website so if you have something you are really proud of then send it to me and I will try and put it up this week.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Remember to follow the weekly timetable and upload any work that is highlighted in pink.  


Have a great week and remember to keep listening to Mrs Gingell on the website.

Best wishes Mrs Ward and Mrs Gingell.

Hello Priestley,


We hope that you have all had a good break and are ready to learn again on Monday.  We have lots of exciting things planned for you this term and look forward to meeting up with you at 9.00 and 1.00 on Google Classroom. 

I have put a folder on Google Classroom called My Half Term.  If you want to tell us about your holiday please upload it to this folder and Mrs Gingell and I look forward to reading all about it.  This is optional and you do not have to do it.  


Whatever this term holds for us and whether you are learning at home or school, we look forward to seeing you all and helping you with your learning.


Have a great term and remember to smile and try your best!

Best wishes Mrs Ward and Mrs Gingell. 

Hello everyone,

We hope that you have all had a good weekend and managed to enjoy the little bit of sunshine on Saturday.  We have now been remote learning for nearly five weeks, and you have all been amazing.  Well done to all of you who are uploading your work regularly.  If you haven't managed to upload any work then have a go this week.  If you have any work that you are really pleased with even if it is not highlighted on the weekly timetable in pink then you can still upload it in the day's folder.  We are meeting again at 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Google Classroom, so make sure you log on so that you know what is happening each day.  


This week we are having a science week with a variety of experiments for you to try and a number of websites that will help you to investigate many different scientific concepts.  We have tried to make sure that we do not use anything that you would not normally find in the house as we did not want to add any costs.  However if there is anything that you do not have then please let school know and we will try and sort any resources for you.  


This is your last week of this term so we hope that you enjoy all the work and then next week there is no work set so that you can have time away from the screen and make sure you relax. 

We look forward to 'seeing' you tomorrow at 9.00 am.  

Best wishes 

Mrs Gingell and Mrs Ward 

Hello everyone,


Well done to all of you for your fantastic learning.  We are so proud of what you have done so far whether you are in school or learning at home you have all tried really hard and the work reflects your amazing efforts.  

Well done to Jasmine, Miriam, Henrik and Elsie for being awarded their green leaves.   In addition, a special well done to Aiden, Lucy, Rickesha, Rachel, Kailan, Tommy, Leigha and Christian for their excellent gadget persuasive work whilst you were at home.  You included many persuasive techniques and I was super proud of your editing and improving.  Well done! smileyyes


The weekly timetable is underneath the weekly timetable star.  All the links to the videos are there so make sure you have a look at them to support your learning.  We have highlighted the work that we want you to upload on Google Classroom in the labelled folder.  Make sure you upload your work on the correct day.  


This week is Children's Mental Health Week.  As a result, we are having screen-free afternoons. Therefore, there will be no Google Classroom in the afternoons, expect on Friday for our PE with Christian and Good Work Assembly at 1pm.  

The answers for Literacy and Maths will be posted on the stream at 12.00 so that you can mark and upload your work and then you can turn your device off and not turn it on again until the following morning.  We have included many fun activities under the TOPIC star for you to try but you also may have some ideas that you want to do instead.  Have a look at the list and this may inspire you to do something.  If you want to send us photos please do but only in the mornings when you are back on your devices!  

Best wishes and have a good week. enlightened

Mrs Ward and Mrs Gingell