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Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

Maud Heath

Week Commencing the 1st March


Hi Maud Heath,


Well this will be our last week of remote learning and whilst we have been so proud of your amazing attitude and learning, we are really looking forward to seeing you all in person on March 8th!   smiley


This week we are continuing our new topic, travelling the world, linked to our Guided Reading text - The Boy Who Biked the World.  This week we will be travelling around Europe and we will begin our journey in Italy with some delicious cooking!


We have uploaded all the learning activities for this week into the folders below.  If you look at the weekly timetable, you will see all the activities that we have planned including instructions for guided reading and topic.  The resources for each lesson are clearly labelled in each subject folder.  We will also post the links each day in google classroom to help you. The activities highlighted in pink are the ones we would like you to upload into the correct folder on google classroom for feedback.  Please hand them in on the day highlighted. 


This coming week we will be having live lessons at 9am and 1pm so we look forward to 'seeing' you all on Monday!


Mrs Burfoot and Mrs Palmer