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Maud Heath

Friday 18th February 2022 - School Closure


Good Morning Maud Heath. 


Today in school we were going to be completing our unit on short division in Maths and exploring Sikhism as part of our RE day.  Please complete the following activities using the links and documents attached.



Please spend 15/20 minutes on TT Rockstars  practising your targeted  times tables.

Lots of you have been working hard to secure your times tables so we have attached some worksheets to help you continue to practise. Choose the times tables you have been working on and complete the mastery mats. 

Watch the White Rose Video link and complete the worksheet attached.  For further challenge there is an extra problem solving sheet attached.



Watch the video links attached and complete two activities:

1.  Read through the PowerPoint  - 'Sikhism - The Five Ks'  Use the template attached to create a poster describing the Five Ks.

2. Guru Nanak - What makes a good leader?  List the qualities of a good leader and make a list of people who inspire you.  These could be family, friends or celebrities.  Chose one 'idol or guru and draw a picture of them explaining why they are a good leader.  Finally, draw a picture of Guru Nanak.  


Please practise your focus five spelling using the spelling menu activities.


Have a good day, a lovely half term and stay safe.


Mrs Burfoot and Mrs Palmer


Please find below activities that you can access independently should you find yourself  at home isolating but feeling well.  The topics here are all areas of the curriculum we will be covering this term.  You should try and complete an English, Maths and topic lesson each day. In addition we have also included spelling, mental maths and guided reading activities.


If you have any questions or would like to share your learning please contact us through Google Classroom.


Mrs Burfoot and Mrs Palmer