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King Alfred

We will provide remote learning for children who are isolating but feeling well.  You can access some generic age appropriate activities here but we can also send learning that is closely matched to what we are doing in school through google classroom. 

Non Chronological Report - Lion

The children have been working really hard since the start of term learning about the shape of a non chronological report and have been building up a report on cheetahs as a class.  They are now going to independently write about Lions.  This week in school (24-28.1.22) we have spent lots of time researching Lions ready for our independent write.  Below are some of the websites and videos we have looked at and the note writing template we've used to collate our exciting facts.  

Tracking Lions

Tracking lions in Namibia using their tracks and signs.

Lion vs Zebra | Deadliest Showdowns (Ep 12) | Earth Unplugged

A pride of lions take down a zebra with incredible teamwork - a risky business as zebras are much bigger and can kill lions with a kick of their hooves. Ste...

Lion Facts Note Taking Records

Term 3