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Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow


At St Paul’s Primary School we pride ourselves in delivering an inspiring, engaging and creative curriculum which is personal to the St Paul’s pupil. We want learning experiences to be memorable and meaningful. Through research we have discovered that the greater the variety of learning experiences provided and the more we empower the children to discover for themselves, the more likely children are to value and recall what they have learnt.
Our Bang, Buzz & Bash Curriculum Structure
We deliver a skills based curriculum which we operate through a BANG, BUZZ, BASH structure. Every term will have a topic theme. We also have a whole school topic once each academic year. Some of the successful topics of recent years have been The Jungle, Monsters, Dinosaurs, Australia, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Each topic starts with the BANG! This is something that captures the imagination of our children and gets them excited about the topic. We keep the children buzzing throughout the topic with engaging and cross curricular lessons. We then end each topic with a celebratory BASH. We’ve had children come into their classroom after a holiday presented with a crime scene, we’ve had treasure hunts as well as visitors and off site explorations.
Timetable Flexibility
Teachers are creative and try not to be too constrained to a timetable. We aim to open children’s minds and allow them to get fully submerged into an activity. We often adopt focus subject days rather than weekly lessons. We are also constantly seeking out engaging extra-curricular opportunities we can offer in addition to the curriculum. We have had trampolining and rock climbing sessions in our secondary schools and den building days with children, parents and staff. Each term parents receive a newsletter detailing the topic planning for the term. This in turn inspires topic based learning and conversations to continue at home and keep the BUZZ going.
Play Performances
In almost every year group, every child has the opportunity once a year to be involved in a play performance. These topics are really popular with parents, pupils and staff and often result in seeing individual children shine in a different light.
Our curriculum works and this is proven by its longevity after over 4 years, there is no sign of the fire dying out and it has adapted to the New National Curriculum too. We know it works because parents, children and staff tell us. A happy and engaged child is one that learns = The St Paul’s child!