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Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

Brunel Y3/Y4 Mrs Grandison/Mrs Fox

Dinosaur Research Presentation BY Amy, Jacob and Thomas


This term our class will be known as...

Plesiosaurus Class


Please be aware of any roaming dinosaurs this term!








Our persuasive writing task this week: lunchtime arrangements


Well done Brunel Class - you have persuaded me NOT to change lunchtime arrangements.  This is purely due to your persuasive arguments and well though-out letters.    Mrs Fox


The children will be shown a letter from Mrs Fox, suggesting that lunch times be reduced to half an hour each day, so that more learning can be done.  Don't worry - this is a deliberately provocative letter as we want the year 3 and 4 children to debate this and to write their responses and reasons in a letter to Mrs Fox.


We are looking forward to seeing some very persuasive arguments from the children.

Class Letters

Welcome to Brunel Planning Page


Here is our outline planning for this term.  Things do change, but this is what we are aiming to learn about.  For our Newsletters, please look at the 'News' tab. Have you seen the Kids' Zone?  Play some great games and visit cool website!